Huwebes, Hunyo 13, 2013

Avy Scott's Having A Wonderful Sex


Sex. Fierce, salacious, amazing love making.

We as human being enjoy love making. Who does not? Passionate, Horny , Sensational in addition to wonderful making love. Love making is beyond comparison. Having sex can make one feel eternal pleasure. You can make a woman, scream, cry and beg for your touch and you alone, if you know which button to push. Good sex can make one energized and happy. Unluckily there are plenty of men out there who doesn't know the right spot to touch.  Take it from me. I am Avy Scott an experienced woman and love to teach you how to do it. Doing several moves or position and concentrating on woman's clitoral region is not adequate enough. Sweetheart, this you must know, rub all you can with that thing but definitely, it will not make your woman scream with pleasure.

Concentration together with the right timing

Take your time that it hurts. Slow caressing move will not bore your woman. Every woman needs to feel connected especially during love making. Take your time and enjoy each other's body. Listen to your what your woman's body want to tell you.

My first online sex experience years back was with a very sensual man of 25. Was actually chatting online for more than six months but have not think of having sex online. We spoke daily for many hours in the chat room. He gave me a kissed one day. The real feeling that I feel with that cyber kiss makes me feel so amazed. Surprisingly, that one kiss makes me wet and my nipples feel so hard. And a virtual kiss at that. This young man knew the importance of taking it slow, of romancing me. Day after day we would talk, and kiss. Then came the day when he took me further. With his arms around me, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, he pushed me gently down onto our bed. He kept the pace slow that makes me want him so much. Kissing my neck while softly touching my breast. As we removed our clothes, he spent some time to enjoy the beauty of my naked body, as I enjoy admiring his smooth skin and hard cock. Pulled him down on top of me,as we continuously play each other's tongue. I loved the hardness of his cock pressing against my pubic hair.

Without breaking our kiss, he reached down and guided his cock into my wet pussy. He really knew what he was doing!

After we make love, I asked him where he learned how to please a woman like me, he says because of his past experiences. He says together with his girlfriend they found a way to pleased each other as both of them were inexperienced. Since then, he had sought out women older than himself and learned as much from each of them as he could before moving on to the next one. . . . which brings us to the question: What is Sex, anyway? Sexual sensation are not only solely based in the body, contrary to the most popular belief. Sex includes mind for many women. A woman needs to get fully in the mood first, or it will not matter how you tweak her body. If you think you could use some help, read on. If not - well, I would still recommend you read this because it will make you feel good. I promise.

The very first and essential thing is the time and pace. Women want, and need, it slow. If you want to get laid in regular basis, don't hurry to the "good part" take time to please your woman. It is therefore recommended that, you learned the art of pleasing and making love with a woman psychologically. The goal of sex is not the orgasm. The true goal of sex is for both partners to experience ecstasy. Do not feel the need to work towards an orgasm, and do not loose your confidence if she doesn't come every time. The truth is, many women don't cum as easily as men. If you can learn to control yourself, and learn to indulge in the intimacy and experience of sex, you can make her come, and maybe more than once.

In some cases, sex doe not even need some penetration. Pleasure your woman by simply worshiping her body for the night.  Look for all spot that can turn her hot and horny. Kiss, massage, brush, stroke, lick ..her arms, the middle of her shoulder blades, her neck, tummy, legs and behind her two knees in interval. You will find you can make her purr like a kitty by running your fingernails down her back or softly biting the skin of her thighs. The same old in-and-out will eventually become a boring routine.

Avy Scott stated that it is important that every time you make love, you do variation and try to do something new to make every moment a moment of exploration and indulgence of that sensual feelings.

If you are looking for that section on foreplay, there isn't one - because there really is no such thing as foreplay. The term foreplay' was invented by women trying to get some attention from their men before getting on with the 'real' sex, that good old in-and-out penetration. Sex for real women is  a hot long experience of love making with wet feelings. Please, don't fall into continuously doing a routine. Know more about how to please a woman and makes her want for you more and more every day..